07.05.2013 10:31

Die Klärschlämm-Trockungsanlage! Aus der Bürgerinitiative ?UNS STINKTS? gegen diese vor der Haustür unseres neugebauten zweiten Hauses in der Kappesgasse 2a in Bad Homburg Ober-Erlenbach
http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=50.22427&lon=8.683126&zoom=18&layers=M ging die spätere Partei F(reie)H(omburger)W(ähler) hervor.


Und das fanden die CVJM-Orgnisierten von der ?Sekten Puff und Korruption? CDU gar nicht gut.


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07.05.2013 01:32

? männliche Seele im weiblichen Körper ?.


Ohne gemeinsames Sorgerecht bin ich dagegen machtlos!

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07.05.2013 04:27

Q: Why should this Website/URL/Blog be of interest for me as a member of the diplomatic corps ?

Because it contains information about identity ?forgery of children ?. The same mechanisms are possibly used for smuggling people without valid visa / into the European Union or Germany where they therefore may be abused to dump workers-incomes or get victims of sexual exploitation (marriages) for financial benefit of churches/religious groups arranged adoptions or international kidnapping in divorce cases!  

§ 169, § 267 and § 235 StGB ?Strafgesetzbuch? of the
Federal Republic of Germany!  Kidnapping, Identity-Forgery, using wrong documents in trials at courts

It also contains information about election manipulation in Bad Homburg, and Frankfurt a.M. Germany and the tries to hijack Press-Provider-Networks to suppress publishing of government critical opinions! To avoid public control over trials at german courts they abuse psychiatry beause they then are able argue that international press has no access to the courts-files because of privacy protection!

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